Why assess your current risk and compliance framework?

Your existing risk and compliance framework may have been initially built to fit the needs of your organisation at the time of implementation.

However, as your business processes have changed and grown over time, it may be fitting to assess the completeness and adequacy of your existing framework to manage your risk.

We provide an efficient, yet detailed standalone assessment of your existing Risk & Compliance policy and framework, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.


The risk and compliance framework assessment process

We scope the elements of the risk and compliance framework to be assessed in discussion with the client, and will tailor to focus on any specific areas of concern.

We review your existing framework against industry best practice, with consideration given to the nature, size and complexity of your organisation. We review both design effectiveness and operating effectiveness of the elements of the framework.

As part of the review, we inform of where there are gaps in your current framework, and value added guidance of potential opportunities for improvement that can be implemented to ensure the most effective framework for your organisation.

We provide benchmarking guidance of your current framework against competitors in your industry.

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