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The right risk culture is critical for any organisation.

We help you define the ideal risk culture and governance level required throughout your organisation to ensure the governance framework supports current and future regulatory requirements (e.g. SMR) in an efficient manner that reflects the size, complexity and needs of your organisation.

We can ensure the risk reporting used for governance is forward looking, fit for purpose to provide the appropriate risk management, and enables more effective governance.


Implementing the appropriate risk culture and governance requires a programme of:

  • Communication
  • Awareness and Training
  • The right management information and reporting
  • The appropriate governance structure
  • Encouraging challenge


We have implemented successful risk culture and governance structures within functions and businesses, regionally and globally which reflect the firm’s commitment to embedding the correct culture – for the benefit of the clients, the employees and the firm.


Once the risk culture and governance structure has been implemented, it can take time to embed and to change behaviours.

1RS can assist in providing training, coaching and guidance to lead the sustainable embedding process with your business and function.

We can also ensure the appropriate controls, monitoring structure and reporting for the culture and governance are identified and embedded within the 3 Lines of Defence.

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