Our Capabilities


GRC Solutions

Our software solution ERIC is at the forefront of RegTech, providing businesses with a way to efficiently and effectively manage Risk and Compliance. Powerful, innovative and customisable to your unique business needs. At 1RS we integrate Subject matter expertise with cutting edge technology giving you the total solution.

GRC Consulting

Our team of experts at 1RS provide expert knowledge and best practice delivery of all your Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management change and improvement programmes. We partner with our clients at each stage and tailor all our work to match the regulatory requirements, size, complexity and culture of your organisation.

Risk & Compliance training

We specialize in providing training that is expertly tailored to your organization’s regulatory environment, the products and processes within your firm, and the level of understanding of your staff. . We offer flexible teaching options, both online and classroom-based

Compliance Tool Kits

It’s often difficult for companies to adhere fully to compliance policies, especially with regulations constantly changing. We can help you with Standard Risk and control libraries, compliance rule libraries and data libraries for achieving compliance

Policy Tool Kits

We design and implement bespoke, compliant, comprehensive risk and compliance management policies, procedures and manuals that support regulatory compliance and the strategies of your business. And meet the needs of your organization, and your employees.

GRC Resourcing

We can support any resource requirements or capability needs for the implementation of a new regulation or change program. Whether you want to build your risk & compliance teams or are looking to outsource your risk and compliance activity, 1RS can help you with a solution to meet your needs.