Covid-19 has bought about fundamental change to everyone’s daily life, not least our working life. With the lockdown forcing companies to immediately implement working from home for anyone who feasibly could do.

Whilst we have all tried to maintain communication and oversight amongst our teams via a variety of platforms, there is no question that we have had to rely heavily on our employees to ‘do the right thing’ and follow company and regulatory procedures.

Remote working for all increases a number of operational risks (e.g. info security) and operations risks as controls such as the maker/checker controls that would take place in the office environment cannot be easily enforced.

Regulatory compliance, difficult under normal working circumstances, takes on a new level of risk over processes such as due diligence, market activities, conflict of interest, treating clients fairly to name just a few.

As a risk or compliance manager, how can you gain assurance that the tasks and controls in the 1st Line are being performed, and the level of risk to the organisation is being managed in line with appetite?

OUR 1RS integrated GRC platform can give you that real time oversight of your risk, controls, issues, and compliance activity enabling you to simply and effectively manage your teams, your tasks and your regulations.

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