More and more organisations are currently seeking out technology-enabled GRC systems to avoid critical pitfalls. GRC is an investment not only to avoid future failures, but to enhance strategy, process, and culture in a way that supports; proactive risk management, increased transparency and informed decision making.

But as with any investment, organisations must weigh the initial spend versus the return. A return not only in performance but crucially in future cost savings.

Investment in GRC system, which can help you transform your current risk and compliance activities may seem like a big step to take, but you will never look back. Our established software ERIC (Enterprise Risk and Compliance Solution) offers a return that will be recognised across your organisation, principally in saving time and resources.

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How can a GRC system make a positive impact on your business?

ERIC is an integrated technology platform that will streamline and automate your risk and compliance processes saving work hours on associated procedures such as:
  • Risk assessment
  • Control testing
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Issues management
With one unified and intuitive solution you will reduce hours:
  • Overseeing multiple technologies
  • Evaluating vendors
  • Collecting and organising data
  • Investigating incidents
Therefore, the cost benefits of a successful GRC implementation are:
  1. Savings through operational efficiencies
  2. Labour costs savings
  3. Long term IT cost reductions (e.g. Legacy tools)

1RS helps organisations set their long term GRC vision and progress towards achieving their goals by using our reputable software ERIC and professional expertise. Our team will help initiate and implement your GRC transformation and we will work with your organisation to realise a return on your investment.

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