General Data Protection Regulations


The impending GDPR obligations to be implemented by May 2018 are far-reaching and will require organisations to review and enhance processes and controls regarding data protection, data retention, data disposal, and management of the rights of the data subjects. Failure to comply with the GDPR may result in significant financial penalties, as well as regulatory action and reputational damage.


1RS conduct GDPR risk assessments across your current policies, procedures and processes and map your current status against the obligations of GDPR to identify gaps to the new regulations and enhancements required.

We then create project plans tailored to the needs of your organisation to meet the requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.


1RS assist your organisation to implement the required changes to policies, processes, and key controls to comply with GDPR.

We also support the implementation of applications required to comply with the new regulations e.g. masking and redaction, and encryption applications.



1RS deliver tailored training for your accountable management, your data protection officers, and all staff.

1RS ensure your governance structure and reporting is sufficient to support the GDPR compliance.

We also provide guidance and assist you in embedding the GDPR policies and procedures within your processes.

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