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Financial Crime Policies

A robust and effective financial crime risk framework to detect and protect against breaches of Anti- Money Laundering and Sanctions policies should be one of the highest priorities for any organisation.

Financial Crime Procedures

Transparent and comprehensive procedures are necessary to ensure Financial Crime Compliance.

1RS design and implement detailed procedures that comply to policies and regulations, and ensure your staff are fully aware of how to operate in all situations.

Financial Crime Compliance

Having been at the forefront of one of the largest financial crime risk remediation programmes globally, we can assist you in implementing the most effective FCR framework tailored to the size and complexity of your business.

Improve the KYC lifecycle

We can guide you to improve and better risk manage the end to end KYC lifecycle process so you only on-board the client you want to do business with, including:

  • New client screening processes
  • Client risk rating processes
  • Client due diligence
  • Client profile reviews

AML & Sanctions Policies

The appropriate AML & Sanctions policy is the critical bedrock to the FCR framework.

We can enhance your AML & Sanctions policies to more effectively drive the detection and protection against financial crime.

We know what is needed, and how to implement AML & Sanctions policies within a business, including:

  • Updating customer and transaction processes and procedures
  • Culture changes, training and awareness for all employees
  • Embedding the policy requirements within the 3 Lines of Defence

Client Due Diligence remediation

We can provide expert knowledge to guide your back book CDD remediation programmes of existing customers quickly and effectively.

An appropriate CDD remediation programme requires the right level of experience to ensure:

  • Training to the employees
  • Management of communications to customers
  • Efficient operationalisation of the 3 Lines of Defence
  • Strong governance

Contact 1RS to discuss how 1RS can help build and improve your financial crime risk framework