Reg Compliance in ERIC

Our Regulatory Compliance module enables you to document clearly from rule, to risk, control, testing, and any deficiencies and actions so you can fully assess your firms ability to comply with the relevant regulation. Any regulatory rules or guidance can be pre-loaded in at a high or the most granular level. Additionally, your company policies can also be loaded into the database for mapping and risk assessment. We will automatically update the database with any updates, changes or additions to the rules within your database, which will auto generate an alert to the relevant parties for review, providing you with assurance of ongoing compliance to the regulations.

Regulatory Rules

Comprehensive library of all regulatory rules and guidance by chapter and line, pre-loaded into ERIC.

Rule Mapping

Functionality to choose only the specific rules that are relevant to your firm, and document the rationale for inclusion/exclusion, providing you with a clear rule gap analysis.

Risk Assessment & Testing

Map the rules to the risks, controls, control testing, audit points, or deficiencies to provide the full view of inherent and residual risk and your firms ability to comply.


Rule selection

Select which Regulatory rules, guidance or policies are relevant to your organisation.


Rule Mapping

Map the rules to the relevant risks and controls in the database. Document the rationale for inclusion/exclusion.


Updates to Regulations

Any updates, changes or additions to the regulatory rules are automatically loaded into ERIC. Auto alerts are generated to the relevant parties.



On-going Compliance

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