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The deadline for compliance to SM&CR regulatory changes is fast approaching. The majority of the Legal, HR and Compliance departments are well aware of the operational activity that needs to be completed prior to the deadline such as:

  • Creating Responsibilities maps
  • Updating employment contracts
  • Changing the referencing process
  • Obtaining FCA approvals for Senior Managers
  • Ensuring annual recertification of fitness and suitability.

However, these actions may still be outstanding due to lack of resource or competing priorities. The biggest challenge will be how to comply with SM&CR efficiently on an ongoing basis and more importantly how to demonstrate compliance.  This is why so many organisations are looking to a technology solution to help.

We have created ERIC to meet the needs of any size organisation to comply with SM&CR and improve their governance, risk and compliance management. Some of the SM&CR functionality of ERIC is detailed below.

What do you need from a SM&CR solution?

  • Ability to schedule all SM&CR activity
  • Assign tasks and actions to individuals
  • Track and monitor annual certification attestation
  • Document meetings held, papers and actions
  • Hold responsibilities maps
  • Assign process, risk and control owners for clear accountability
  • Document all risks & controls in each process
  • Test, monitor & assess your controls
  • Document & track issues, audit points, events and action plans
  • Value add MI & reporting for enhanced governance & decision-making
  • Automated risk & control self assessments