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Governance, Risk & Compliance Tools (GRC)

It’s no secret that identifying, assessing and controlling risk management within your business can be a little daunting. However, it doesn’t need to be. Eric 1RS is our proven GRC solution that automates your GRC activity and improves your Risk and Compliance Management.

ERIC platform

Save Yourself Time With 1RS Eric Risk Management Tool

Modern, user-friendly system
Practical for organisation regardless of size, or regulatory obligations
Easy to set up and scale
Facilitates embedding the Risk and Compliance culture

ERIC Core features

Intuitive Interface

ERIC is a highly intuitive and interactive platform. All modules are interlinked, as relevant, enabling your GRC team to have an overarching view

Interactive Dashboards

ERIC has a rich reporting functionality that includes interactive charts and dashboards. These are downloadable and can be used in your reporting packs presentations.

Automated Alerts

ERIC has the ability to set-up Alerts as required - for e.g. to follow-up on Controls testing, Committee meetings, Risk and Control Self-Assessments (RCSA), etc.

Integrates all 3LoD

Ability to assign and schedule Risk & Compliance activities for all 3 LoD

Compliance Management

Automate your PAD, G&E, Conflict of Interest, Financial Promotions

Reg rule mapping

Map the regulations to your risks, controls, tests & issues. Auto alerts for rule changes

Trusted Providers of Leading GRC Solutions

1RS is one of the fastest-growing RegTech company in the UK. We have gained this title by dedicating time to developing practical solutions that reap companies’ most benefits. One element that sets us apart from our competitors is that our GRC solutions tool, Eric, has been developed by Risk and Compliance Practitioners. We believe in creating the best value tool which can be used for operational risk and policy management are necessary for all businesses. That’s why we offer a cost-effective integrated GRC solution that can manage risk associated with your organisation’s data. Not to mention, this governance technology is present on your business platform and is available to your various departments and teams. 

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Tools (GRC) FAQs

What is Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technologies Used For?

Managing your compliance to your firm’s regulatory obligations, risk assessments, operational risk management, policy management, audits, and risk events and issue management can be costly, timely and stressful. The purpose of incorporating GRC software technology is to reduce costs and risks. However, this governance, risk, and compliance technology are also implemented as a method of reducing the duplication of effort. Our GRC platform requires company-wide cooperation to ensure results in line with internal processes and guidelines are achieved for each of these three functions (governance, risk, compliance).

What are the Benefits of Using GRC Tools?

Various advantages come with correctly implementing GRC programs into a corporation's system. Here are some of the most popular and well-liked benefits that come with the successful incorporation of compliance GRC technology: Efficiency, Automated alerts & notifications, Driving accountability & holding people to account, Reporting, The single version of the truth, Security & Assurance

What is Integrated Risk Management and Compliance?

Risk and Compliance have many overlaps and do not need to be managed in separate siloes. Many of the activities are the same or have considerable overlap. The best practice framework would integrate Risk Management and Compliance, with a common view of risk across the organisation and a common data set. GRC solutions functionality aids in integrating Risk Management and Compliance and reduces duplications and avoids gaps in the frameworks between teams.

Process Consistency and Consolidation

The workflow capabilities and configuration flexibility of GRC solutions provide centralised features, which help enhance the consistency of a business's GRC processes. One example of this is implementing a single management process for the entire team, which aids in business continuity and reduces its risk of running three or four inconsistent processes. The major benefit of this is to focus the resource and governance on the areas of highest risk in an organisation.