Why and Why Now?

Regulated firms have been struggling to keep up without a compliance portal for years and if anything recent events have only made this more difficult. The pace of regulatory change plus the increase in remote working means that manual processes or out-of-date technologies are no longer viable. Having one portal for all your policies and procedures in 2021 is now a must-have rather than a nice option.

The way we approach compliance needs to change and it all starts with one, single, centralised policy portal for your whole organisation.

1. Mechanise

A centralised repository that lets you store, organise, and update your policies from one place will make a huge difference to your organisation.

Things are far simpler and more straightforward when there’s a single, go-to source. RegTech mechanises regulatory processes, combining thousands of data points within one integrated platform.

  • This makes the compliance process more user-friendly.
  • Makes changes in policy and correct procedures easier to locate and consult.
  • And therefore, makes engagement and compliance more likely.
2. Transparency

Good policy management is now fundamental since SMCR has made individual senior managers personally responsible for non-compliance. A single portal provides key data visualisations that indicate how effectively company objectives are being attained. It removes confusion and allows the user to navigate intuitively through large amounts of information. So, managers can be confident that with everything in one place they have full visibility over policies and procedures.

3. Talent

53% of compliance officers reported recently that they would change their career given the opportunity. The personal responsibility and the stress of mounting regulation can take their toll. But, by providing your staff with a technology that simplifies the policy management process you can increase productivity and job satisfaction. One easy-to-use portal can make your organisation stronger by enabling you to attract and retain talent.

4. Mobility

Today’s businesses comprise of people working from multiple locations and often at different times. As this is only set to increase, access to one up-to-date portal where staff can work collaboratively online has never been more important. RegTech software is also provided ‘as a service’, which means it is hosted and maintained by the provider, allowing access from any internet-enabled device, from any location- essential in times like these.

Finding The Right Platform

One integrated compliance portal is a powerful tool that provides its users with the capacity to make even the most turbulent times feel more manageable and predictable. Using powerful data analytics and monitoring capabilities, compliance officers can now identify and mitigate risks before they cause legal, financial, and reputational harms.

This solution ensures higher rates of job satisfaction, overall performance, and better return on investment than the companies that limit themselves to manual processes or outdated technologies. So, try and position yourself ahead of the compliance curve – speak to one of our representatives about a free no-obligation demo.  We’d love to show you how we can help your business become more efficient and cost-effective.